About Acoustic Dimension

Our interest in DIY-audio started many years ago. It all started with reading the French underground magazine L’ audiophile (more looking at the pictures and trying to understand the printing). During our visits to the L’ audiophile shop in Paris we “experienced” their system with high efficiency loudspeakers and low power (transistor)amplifiers and we heard our first 300B Single-Ended amplifier. After trying to learn more about tube amplifiers we ordered our first parts for our own tube amplifier. We had to wait a full year before we received the ordered Partridge output transformers, but there was no other option because L’ audiophile was the only store which sold such parts (Audio Note, the Parts connexion, Sound Practice and for that matter the internet did not exist at that moment)
Through L’ audiophile and during our own experiments in the following years we learned about the difference in sound which different parts/brands can make. In an attempt to improve our amplifiers even further, we started to order resistors, transformers, and other parts from Japan. These contacts eventually lead to the start of Acoustic Dimension.

Acoustic Dimension started in 2003 with selling high-end components for DIY. We only sell the products we believe in and that we would buy (and have bought) ourselves.

Our mission
Our mission is to have satisfied customers. We think the best way to achieve this is by offering good service, competitive pricing and by introducing new products which represent the best available quality in their price range.